Corkboard - Label Arrangement

Hi! I have been trying to arrange the corkboard (using labels and the linear colored lines). However, the cards will not align underneath one another. They will align from one end of the board to the other - using a lot of space, and not aligning the way I want them to. I have attached an image below. I ultimately would like to fill the entire board space with cards stacked in a square - about 5 across and 5 down .

Are there any settings I have to change to solve this? Is this even possible?


No, this is not possible. The corkboard arranged in this way is still just another view on your documents, which come one after another in the binder. If you were able to put more than one card in the same column, Scrivener would have no idea how to order them in the binder. Perhaps freeform mode is better for what you are trying to do?

All the best,