Corkboard line break.

I love the corkboard (i love everything about scrivener, really), and use it often. I tend to organize my corkboard info with spaces and line breaks - right now (as far as i know - and i don’t know real far, I’ll admit) it takes a whole lot of space bar to get those line breaks. “return” creates a new card (a nice feature, really, but not a line break). Anyhoo - in my mind it would be pretty easy to do. My mind doesn’t run on computer code though…

Thanks much.

ps. just wanted to throw in a quick plea, again, for the “Xcode”-like search functionality. We’ve already hashed this out but, you know, gotta keep the flame alive.

To create a line break in an index card in the corkboard, hold down the Option/Alt key whilst hitting return - this is the way to do it in most Cocoa controls (such as tables etc) too.

As for Xcode search functionality - this is already on the list, I just don’t know when it will make the grade. I wanted it in 2.0 but 2.0 is already massive, so it most likely will be post-2.0 before this makes it in. But it is something in the back of my mind, don’t worry.

All the best,

You’re the best. Thanks.