Corkboard logic

I can see Professor Blount’s face fall as he sees the topic title, and rightly so.

I don’t suddenly think “I’ll work in corkboard view today.”

More often, I suddenly think “I need to have a look at this document in context” and hit Corkboard view. At which point, of course, nothing happens; I have to go to the enclosing folder, which means finding the effing mouse etc, THEN locating the document I wanted to look at in context, now it’s in context…

Logic suggestion: if the Corkboard view is invoked while a document without descendants has focus, show a corkboard view of that document’s enclosing folder.

Is that feasible?

It makes sense, but there is a potential problem with this; the Binder would no longer reflect what’s being shown in the editor, a situation which normally only happens when the editor pane is “locked in place”. Has the potential to be very confusing.

I do like the idea, though; I’d certainly use it a lot.

Well, there are a few other ways the Binder can get all out of whack. Following links; using document history; using the “Go to…” menu; locked editor, as you mentioned—so I’m not sure if that is a good reason for excluding a “move up the hierarchy” keyboard command.

And while there isn’t one right now (at least not that I could find), there is still a keyboard way to get into context. Navigate to Binder with Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-B, then press the left arrow to select the parent. Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-E will get you back to the 'board. Then of course Cmd-[ to get back to the original document if you wish. That’s a lot of fumbling about!

Some sort of simple (as in Cmd-UpArrow) “ascend hierarchy” command would be the best option, I think. Because there are probably also people who enter an empty Corkboard with every intention to fill it up with cards, and they’d be annoyed if it whisked them off to the parent every time.

There really are barely any keyboard shortcuts left. And I don’t really see that clicking on the enclosing folder of the document on which you are working is that much “effing around”… One click, hmm…

The trouble is that even if the corkboard took you to the enclosing folder, if you then clicked on the corkboard again, it wouldn’t (and couldn’t, because at this stage the logic starts to get messier) take you back - you would have a blank page and would need to hit the back button.