Corkboard magnification

It would be very helpful if we could change the magnification of the corkboard. We would be able to see more cards without reducing the amount of text displayed on each card. Reduced Views in set increments (like in Three By Five) would be fine.

This would be helpful functionality until you reveal your new Three By Five In Scrivener feature :wink: :smiley:

Change the corkboard font via preferences and then change the number of index cards across. Nothing else will be forthcoming. Honestly, popcornflix, if you knew how much work I’ve been putting in recently to accommodate certain other suggestions of yours, you would be keeping a low profile right now. :slight_smile:

Oh dear!

I hear a tsunami approaching. . . .



I think (hope) popcornflix knows that I mean it in good humour. He’ll like 1.02. :slight_smile:

No worries, Keith.