Corkboard navigation

If I have a Chapter (folder) and 5 scenes (files) in that folder, when i go to corkboard it stacks the scenes and displays the index card that represents the chapter.

How can I “drill down” or display the scenes in the chapter as individual index cards? I’ve used “ungroup” in the right-click menu, but that breaks the scene cards out AND creates a new folder named “NEW FOLDER” or something like that.

Thanks in advance


You can click the chapter folder in the binder to view just its corkboard, which will show the scenes inside it as individual cards (you can get the same view from where you are now by double-clicking the icon to the left of the title on the index card stack). If you just want to view everything with all the cards spread out, as it were, you can right-click the Draft folder and choose Open > With All Subdocuments > on Editor Corkboard (also available from the Documents menu). The container items like your chapter folders will still appear as stacks, but you’ll see all their subdocuments also laid out on the corkboard beside them. This view is great for getting the big picture, but because it has to flatten the hierarchy of the binder, you can’t rearrange items from here, just view them. If you need a “full picture” that you can also manipulate, try looking at the whole Draft in the outliner (View > Outliner)–you’ll be able to expand all the containers to see their subdocuments and since it maintains the hierarchy you can drag things around, etc.