Corkboard notes have only titles - text has vanished

After spending many hours yesterday making at least 20 corkboard notes I now find that only the titles show. When I want to read them, they are all blank.
What can I do about it?

Text in Scrivener doesn’t vanish, fortunately.
Have you opened the correct document?
Can you search for known words in the notes?
Do you have a recent automatic backup you can restore?
Is the text inside Folder,s but not inside subdocuments of the folders?

Or did you put your notes inside the note section instead of the synopsis? Any notes placed in the inspector notes sections will not show up on index cards.

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Just to be clear: you were using the Corkboard view mode and typed notes directly onto the body of those index cards. Now you’ve opened the project again and you see the very same index cards, but they only have title lines, no body text. Is this a very correct description of events?

Individual index cards are also visible in the Inspector. You could pick a doc and look in the inspector to confirm that the text (which you typed into the “synopsis” area of those cards) is not there.

Is the project stored with Dropbox, iCloud, or any other cloud service? If so, has the service been configured to make the project “available offline?”