"Corkboard options" not working - help!


My “cork board options” box does not change the size of my cards. The slides move, but the cards do not change. I am not sure if I have locked them to a default size somehow, or I am doing something out of order, or…? Any insights appreciated! I have fiddled with it quite a bit.

The only reason the “Size” slider wouldn’t work is if “Size to fit editor” is enabled (and there is a specific number for “Cards across”), but in that case the slider control shouldn’t be moving at all. There’s no way to lock the index cards on the corkboard to a specific size. Does this happen in every project, any corkboard view? Are you using Scrivener 1.9? (You can check in Help > About Scrivener.)

If you’re able, a screenshot of the corkboard and the options panel might trigger some ideas about what’s gone wrong here.