Corkboard options: split specific?

Can I change the size of index cards in one split without affecting their size in the other split, by using the corkboard options pane in the footer?

Or let me put it this way. I thought I should be able to–but when I try, it doesn’t work: the cards in both splits change size.

But the manual seems to say I can, in section 12.1.4. I’ve tried it in freeform mode and grid mode, and I’ve set “Cards across” to “Auto-fit” as per the instructions. No luck.

Am I missing something? Misinterpreting?

This looks like an error in the manual; thanks for finding it. I was probably thinking of the differences between freeform and linear corkboards, as there are a some of the options that are handled independently.

OK, thanks. I guess I’ll have to start writing shorter synopses.

Another thing you can do is set the font as small as you can tolerate. You can even set up an alternate small font that you can toggle on and off with this pane, so you can leave the font larger in most cases, and flip it over to small if you are working with some cards that have a lot of text.

“Use small font” applies to both split panes; is there a different way to do that so it’s editor-specific? (In rereading I think I just misunderstood, and your suggestion is to switch this on whenever working with this specific set of cards, which makes sense. But I’m curious anyway.)

Right, the parenthetical comment is what I meant, it’s no different than the other options in terms of split handling, just an optional way of viewing card text without changing the size. The only thing I can really think of that would impact card size independently is to use the Cards Across feature at a fixed number, with Sized to Fit Editor on, and then resize the split so that one side is larger than the other. Not the best solution, and it only works for linear boards of course.

Right, got it. That’ll work. Thanks.