Corkboard-Outliner Views

I am in the process of editing my work and love the option in Edit Scrivenings to select how I’m viewing my work. (All, Exportable Content, Unexportable Content, or Selection).

Does Corkboard or Outliner have these same options to view my work?
I would love to be able to select only those cards in corkboard or Outliner, that are Exportable or to select another option like in Edit Scrivenings.

Sorry if the option exists and I missed it. If it doesn’t exist is it possible to think about for a future wish list?


If that were implemented, I can’t imagine any way one could rearrange them with respect to the outline rows or index cards which were within scope, but not currently viewed.

cruxdestruct hits the nail on the head. If you do this, you can no longer drag anything around, so suddenly the user tries to move things and wonders, “Huh, nothing will move…” Nothing like this is in the works to be honest. I played with something similar, but didn’t like it.
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Thanks KB & cruxdestruct.

Guess I didn’t think this one through enough before posting. :confused:
Technical limitations aside, it would have been cool to be able to do this but I see now why this isn’t possible.

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I guess I also always figured that in most situtations you will have a group set not to be exported, but all of its children set to be exported. In that case, it’s a none-issue.

Like Keith, I assume all groups will not be exported. I use this as a form of meta-data. Containers that will be exporting, I leave as document stacks.

In the cases where I have a document that will not be exporting, such as note files specific to the section that I wish to keep separate from the text area of the group, I have taken to a naming convention. I simply put a couple of underscores in front of the name, like “__Explanation of Science in Chapter 3”.

See, I would probably just keep that stored somewhere else (for example, under “Research”), and then create a link to it in References. But either solution works. :slight_smile:

See, I haven’t actually even tried References yet. It was on my list with B1 but there were bugs, so I said “later,” and now I am still saying “later” for some reason. :slight_smile: