Corkboard pin colors

I keep seeing corkboard pins of different colors on tutorials but none of them tell me how to do it. The closest I can get is changing the card color which changes the pin color. I would much rather just change the pin color and leave the card white.

These are different ways of displaying the label colours. Under View > Corkboard Options select Show Label Pins. (Sounds like you may already have done this.) These will appear either as a little square mark in the corner or as a pushpin; which style is determined by the index card type you’re using, set in the Corkboard options of Scrivener > Preferences. The “Rounded” card theme uses the corner marker, the other two use a pushpin style and you can choose whether to place it in the middle or the corner.

To switch off the label colouring for the cards themselves, deselect View > Use Label Color In > Index Cards. This will also remove the colouring from the card when it appears in the inspector.

That did it, thanks. No way to choose what type of pushpin you can use?

Pin type is tied to the card type. The skeuomorphic cards with squared corners use the pushpin; the rounded cards use the colour chip. You can change this from the “index card theme” pop-up menu under Scrivener > Preferences > Corkboard. “Red and blue” and “Black and blue” are the squared cards with the traditionally coloured lines.

I’m sorry, but I don’t even see the push pin option, nor do I have the ability to choose different colors for my index cards. The only option I have is to make every index card the same color, and every single index card only comes with the chip icon on the upper left corner.

Could someone please tell me how I can get the pushpin look, as well as change the color of the index cards because I followed the instructions above, and those options are simply not there.

Thank you!

This thread is from 2015, so it refers to Scrivener 2.x. Push pins aren’t available in Scrivener 3 AFAIK.

Sorry to bear bad news.