Corkboard Printing Feature Request

Two capabilities I’d love to have that I don’t see at the moment:
o Print the Corkboard index cards onto index cards
o Support
– 4x6" index cards (very important in the U.S.)
– Support 5x8" index cards (also important in the U.S.): the software currently supports sizing
8x5" portrait, but it should also support 5x8" landscape.

These capabilities are useful for those of us who are tactile and have real-life corkboards that double as pitchboards.

Thank you!
Frank Fuller

Something like this in the cards (ahem). Here is a screenshot of an example printout from the Mac version:

You can actually output more meta-data than I did for that example, but this one has labelling by colour enabled. For printing on actual index cards, if your printer can support the small size and thicker stock, you could set your paper preferences to the size of the card itself, and then manually feed them into the printer. The above screenshot demonstrates compatibility with Avery’s perforated index card stock; or just standard paper printing where you can separate the cards using a chopping block.