Corkboard Query

Hi all, hopefully I’ve posted in the correct section this time.

I’ve set up Scrivener so that Appearance is Dark and I have Use dark appearance in main editor windows checked. The only thing is that, when I’m using the corkboard, the background is black. I can change it to corkboard texture but it’s still black and I can’t bring up the colour palette,

Is it possible to change the background to a natural cork colour?

Thanks again in advance for your patience with this no- techie user

Don’t see a way to do this natively within Scrivener’s preferences (dark is dark, it seems), but you could download the sample corkboard image below and then apply that in Scrivener > Preferences > Appearance > Corkboard > Corkboard background > Custom background …

Works in my local test.

Or have I misunderstood?


No, you haven’t misunderstood. That’s awesome, thank yo so much.

Good to hear it worked for you.