Corkboard question

How can I move/view the text in a Corkboard card into its associated binder document (in the default editor)?

I’m using the current version of Scrivener.

Double-clicking the little document icon in the upper-lefthand corner of the card should move you into the document view mode. (Just make sure the cursor is over the document icon—if it’s on the title, then double-clicking will give you the option to change the title, rather than taking you to the document.)

You can also right- or ctrl-click the title bar, and select “Open” from the dropdown menu. (Selecting “Reveal in Binder” will show you where the document is in the binder, but won’t open it in the editor.)


When I do that, I’d also like the card’s content to appear in the editor, which now it is not. How can I get a card’s content to also appear in the editor?


The card’s content is the synopsis of the document which it represents. (The title of the card is the title of the document.) So once you’ve selected the document in the Binder, the command to use is Documents > Send Synopsis to Main Text if you’re looking at the document itself in the Editor (or Documents > Append Synopsis to Main Text if you’re looking at the card on the corkboard).