corkboard questions from a newbie

I’m feeling like an idiot but I just cannot figure this out. I have a bunch of index cards and now want to rearrange them on the cork board as well as add a few new ones. I can’t figure out how to move the cards around or add something new. Can you help?



I should add, this is in collection mode–which is how I’m looking at one POV character at a time. I CAN move the cards if I’m in the Binder. Does this mean I can’t play with the cards in one point of view at a time?


How have you loaded the corkboard, and what sort of collection? If it’s a search collection, then it can’t be rearranged, so you can’t drag cards around (it makes no sense to drag things around in a search, which could be different every time you look at it). If it is a saved search, you could always change it to regular collection (using View > Collections > Convert to Standard Collection).

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Keith, that’s probably what I’ve done (a search collection). I wanted to find a way to have only one character’s POV to work on at a time and couldn’t figure out how to do that without doing a search collection. Could you please tell me the best way to work with one POV at a time and then maybe the rest will fall into place? Thanks.


“convert to standard collection” is grayed out.

If “Convert to Standard Collection” is disabled, most likely you’re either viewing the actual Search Results collection, rather than a saved search, or you’re viewing a standard collection. So. A picture!

First, make sure you see the collection tabs above the binder. Click the “Collections” icon in the main toolbar if you don’t.

Then, take a look at the tab for the collection you’re viewing. If it has a magnifying glass, it’s a search collection; if not, it’s static. In the picture, “Search Results” and “keyword dynamic” are both search collections; “name” is static.

The “Search Results” collection is special in that although it’s a collection and will always appear among the tabs, it’s where your current search results will appear. If you type something in the search bar, this collection will update with the results; they’ll be remembered until you run a new search. You can’t convert this one to a static (standard) collection, but you can save it by clicking the arrow and magnifying glass in the search bar and selecting “Save Search…” from the bottom of the menu. You’ll get to choose a name for this collection and then it will appear as a new tab. It’s still a search collection, so you’ll see the magnifying glass in the tab, but it won’t be wiped when you run a new search. It will update dynamically however as documents that match the saved search term are rearranged in the binder or items lose or gain the search term.

Once you’ve got a saved search, you can select it and use View > Collections > Convert to Standard Collection. At that point it will cease to update automatically, but now you’ll have the ability to manually rearrange these scenes (independent of their placement in the binder) and to add and remove them from the collection. If you click the header bar of the binder (circled in the image), the collection will load in the editor and you’ll be able to use the outliner or corkboard to rearrange the documents as well. (Note you can’t do that if you just select all in the collection binder, as that produces a multiple selection and those can’t be rearranged–loading from the header is more akin to loading a container folder in the binder and seeing its subdocuments on the corkboard.)

So with that, I’d suggest running the search for the POV, then saving the search as something like “CharacterName POV”, and then converting that to a standard collection so you can reshuffle the scenes and see how you like it.