Corkboard Questions from a Newbie


First off, I love this program. Kudos to you, Keith. I downloaded the demo and bought within a day after figuring out how simple it is to use. While I believe you have THE ABSOLUTE BEST corkboard of ANY application (believe me, I own them all…) I do have a couple of questions that I didn’t find or simply missed when searching the forums:

  1. Is there a way to display / route the cards in vertical columns instead of contiguous rows?

  2. Is there any way to collapse multiple folders into one corkboard view so I can see my entire plot outline at once on the corkboard? Example: If I had 3 ACT folders with 25 cards each, I could now see all 75 “flattened” onto one corkboard view?

  3. Is there any way to move the cards freely, to empty areas of the board – not just by being the next card in the “grid.”

  4. Is there any way to print these onto 3 x 5 cards?

  5. Is there any way to click and drag to select multiple cards at once? The only way I can figure is to click one card then shift click the end card to encapsulate others in the selection. Am I missing something?

  6. Is there any way to change the color of the “pins?”

  7. I notice that sometimes when I add cards, their icon in the binder shows as a small, index card. Other times they simply show up as small boxes. What’s this mean? Any significance?

  8. Do you plan to implement a slider to handle how many cards are displayed and also zooming the corkboard texture ala Storyist? (Which, I don’t think is a very good Corkboard program, btw)

  9. Last one for now, I promise. Is there any way to way to label the invisible columns / rows that hold the cards?

Thanks so much from a satisfied, new user.


Hi K,

I’m sure Keith will be able to furnish you with more detailed explanations of why the corkboard acts the way it does, but here’s a few answers for you:

[1] No. The corkboard is a representation of documents in the Binder, and so the order and display of the cards is determined by that. You can adjust how many cards are shown in each horizontal row (View -> Index Cards -> Cards Across), so you could change that to “1 across” to get a single column, but you can’t have multiple columns in the sense that you’re talking about.

[2] I don’t believe so, no. You can view two at once by splitting the editor pane, and having one folder in each split view, but two panes is the limit.

[3] No. See [1] - this would be immensely complex, because the cards are tied to the Binder order. This question has come up many times, and Keith has expounded at length on the difficulties it would pose :slight_smile:

[4] Yes, I believe so, but I don’t know the procedure. Someone else will have to help you out there.

[5] No, but you’re not just restricted to shift-clicking to select a ‘run’ of cards. You can also cmd-click to select non-contiguous cards.

[6] Yes. Pins adopt whatever colour is selected in the Labels field for that particular card.

[7] This came up again just recently :slight_smile: An ‘index card’ icon means there is text entered in the document’s synopsis field. A ‘plain document’ icon means there is no text entered anywhere for that card. A ‘document with text lines’ icon means text has been entered into the document’s main content field.

[8] Obviously this is Keith’s call :wink:

[9] No, for the same reasons given in [1].

Welcome to the forums, kej2u. In response to your queries - now that antony’s done the heavy lifting - I suggest you do a search here on “index cards” - for example I remember this thread: [url]].

[The reason I remember it is probably because my suggestion was shot down in flames :blush: :unamused: - however another idea, to use Keynote (if you have it), sounded a good one, though I’ve not tried it myself.]



Thanks. :slight_smile:

No, you can only view cards in horizontal rows. I did play with the idea of allowing columns in the next update, but the work involved in adapting the code to do that was a little more than I wanted to take on; although the conceptual problem was bigger. In the next update, you can choose - if you want - to have index card not be constrained to 3 x 5 - that is, the index card can expand to show all its text if you turn a certain toggle on. That works fine for rows, because the index cards still have a fixed width, but for columns it would be very difficult to give a set number of cards per column if the cards have varying heights. Hope that makes sense!

Not currently, but you can Opt-click on the disclosure triangle of the folders in the binder to reveal all their contents, and then select all of the documents in the binder to see them in the corkboard. But then drag and drop has no effect because the contents of the corkboard is arbitrary and no longer relates to the contents of a specific folder.

One of the coolest features in the next update, though, is that if you select multiple folders in the binder, their contents are shown in the corkboard with a horizontal dividing line between them. And you can then use the corkboard to drag items between those folders. So, in the next update, you will be able to do pretty much what you want - see the contents of multiple folders on one corkboard.

No. This wouldn’t make any sense in Scrivener. It makes sense in freeform mind-mapping apps such as the old 3by5, where there is just one corkboard, but Scrivener has as many corkboards as there are documents. Remember the exact placements for each one would be problematic, but also, being able to arbitrarily place the index cards doesn’t really fit with the idea that they are actually a list of documents. How would Scrivener decide their order in the binder? (That’s a rhetorical question. :wink: )

Not in the current version, but I’ve just recently got through implementing this feature for the next update. You will be able to print them on Avery 3x5 3-up stock or just onto regular card and cut them out.

Glad you like it! Oh, I should forestall the obvious question here: there is no set date on the next update. It will be free to registered users, but there is still an awful lot of work to do, and then there is the Help file and tutorial to rewrite, so I wouldn’t expect it before September at the earliest.

Thanks and all the best,

Oh, my apologies then; I thought someone on the boards had come up with a way of printing directly onto index cards. Sorry.