Corkboard questions

I rather like using the cork board in Scriv/Mac and would like to use it on the iPad as well. Here are a few issues / questions:

  1. Is there a way to make Draft look like a folder, so that it has a corkboard icon for what’s below?

  2. Is there an analogous thing to the BigScriv trick that makes it show all the index cards, all the way down the hierarchy, at once?

  3. Is there a way to display the index card text while writing in that card’s corresponding document?

  4. Is there a way to make compile include the index card text at the top of the compiled document?


P.S. For the questions above, if the answer is “yes”, please also tell me how :slight_smile:

Answer to #3:

To display index card text in sidebar at same time as document text, open document as usual by taping the document in sidebar. Then click the info “i” above the document text. The document info appears in sidebar. The ^ and V buttons that change the document you’re looking at change the sidebar also, so you can see your notes and such as you work in the document.

Now … hep me out … what about #1, 2, and 4? Thanks!

Somewhat in aid of #2, showing all the cards, you can at least show all the synopses in the sidebar using Binder Options. That’s nearly what I’m looking for.

#1: The draft should be a folder by default. You don’t see the corkboard icon, if it is expanded. Swipe left an choose collapse, then.

#2: I don’t think so, but tell me if there is.

#3: What do you mean with the index card text? The notes? That has been answered. Other way around: swipe right on the index card to show its contents as a quick reference in the left pane.

#4: I was wondering the same thing. It is very usefull to compile a folder so easily, even more practical than in the desktop version. But In my case I also needed to have the folder text within the compiled text and didn’t manage to do so.

Thanks, had no discovered that collapse makes the cork board icon show up. Of course since I have a folder at top, it’s no longer very interesting.

I guess of all the things on this list, the one I would most like to see would be the ability to see all the cards for all the documents in the whole project.

Thanks again,

Wait, so on an expanded folder, I can no longer get to its corkboard view without collapsing it? that seems odd …

Still having difficulty doing what I’d like to do. Please advise me on best way in Scriv for iOS to do this:

I am in a draft, writing some document, say, at the top level inside Draft. I’ve got some paragraphs in that document, call it Fred.

Now I have some ideas for topics to address here inside Fred. I’d like to create corkboard cards for these. The only way I can figure to do this is to change Fred to be a folder. Then, I can create a new document, give it a name and synopsis. Then I use the edit / move to move it inside Fred. Then Fred shows the corkboard view icon and I can open that and see any cards inside.

However, if I am viewing the cards inside Fred Command-N can create a new card but it doesn’t go inside Fred! I have to move it in manually as before.

Further, now I seem not to be able to readily see and edit the text inside Fred.

I’d like a flow like this:

  • Create a document at the level I’m in (that is, inside Draft if I’m in Draft, inside Fred if I’m (somehow) inside Fred.
  • Work in corkboard mode, rapidly adding cards inside Fred.
  • Quickly get to the text inside Fred, even though it is a Folder, or …
  • Quickly open Fred in corkboard view, if it is a document with sub-documents.

What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? Thanks!

Ah! Found the document / corkboard toggling icon on the editor side. That lets me see Fred’s text or cards readily.

Still haven’t figured how to be sure when a card goes into Fred and when not. Pressing + seems to do it sometimes when in cork view. Other times it does not, goes into Draft instead.

Obviously I’m a bit confused. Feel free to shout at me but then help me come more clear. Thanks! :smiley: