Corkboard Relations

Would love to be able to draw relations between cards in Freeform Corkboard. Perfect for relations between characters.

Scapple might be a good fit for this at present. You can drag binder items from Scrivener into Scapple, so no need to recreate your work, and Scapple is a mind mapping tool, so you can draw relations, etc. You can then import your completed Scapple character web into your Research folder.

Thank you, but last time I checked functionality to sync back / forwards between Scapple and Scrivener I couldn’t get it to work as flexible as I want.

First time was ok, but not when I wanted to add / delete characters. Maybe that has changed now?

I don’t think so. Scrivener/Scapple don’t really sync back and forth, but it’s easy to make them interact with each other. Deleting a notecard in Scrivener wouldn’t also delete it in Scapple, for example.

What exactly do you mean by “syncing?”

Once you have a Scapple document in Scrivener’s Research folder, you can use the Open in External Editor mechanism to edit it directly in Scapple. But there’s no connection between notes in a Scapple document and items in Scrivener’s Binder.

Exactly. Would like to have one document as one symbol and that changes in one place would be automatically reflected in the other.

The answer to this common umbrella of requests can be found here. I would say in particular, the second point is of more importance to what you are asking about, than the first, since you are not asking for the two programs to be merged.