Corkboard request

Today I buy your app.

I like it.

But i have one problem.

I work with a model where i have ten cards across and four lines =40 cards

Its one line for one act1

But in your app i just can get 9 cards across.

You wouldn’t be able to read ten cards across as it would be tiny. Why don’t you set up four folders with ten documents in each? You would have ten cards in each, that way.

yes that could be a solution.

But one way could also be if you can zoom so you can get closer.

That would mean pretty much rewriting the way the corkboard works…

yes i see but because this is a wish thread so.

Yes, absolutely - this is a wish list thread, and I welcome all wishes. But if I’m not going to implement something, I do try to explain why. So, although I appreciate your reasons for wanting this, I’m unlikely to implement it because it would involve a lot of reprogramming of the corkboard and that’s just the way the corkboard is meant to work. I assume users would generally rather have me explain whether and why something will or will not be implemented than ignoring them and letting them hope for something that is not going to happen. :slight_smile: