Corkboard sorting by label


I know this request has been floating around, but…

It would be really (really) great if some of the sorting tools available in outline mode were available in the corkboard–at least in the corkboard freeform mode. The key ones would be:

Location (for screen writers)

It is just a handier / easier way to glance at structure. For example, I use labels for characters and story lines (scope creep: multiple pins / labels would be great for that).

I can see how my storylines / characters are running as independent units in the outliner. If i could snap the corkboard to a similar sort, it would be super-duper handy.

And one more thing–a “show only” function in the outliner and the corkboard would be a great addition. For example, show only “character x” so you can examine that piece in isolation.



Some of this will be coming with Scrivener 3. There will be a way of arranging cards by label, which is essentially a threaded view - lines representing each label with the cards on them. And there will be a way to filter the outline and corkboard views, so you could filter them to show only cards with a particular label or status, for instance.

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Hello Keith,and THANK YOU so much for Scrivener 3 – which performs the miracle of making the best writing software even better !
The new timeline is nice but it does not quite solve this problem (asked in this thread) because the spaces between cards of the same color (on the same timeline color bar) are too large .
There is a workaround for this, in the Outline View mode. At the beginning of the names of my labels I have added numbers … for example 001 Characters … 100 Settings… 200 … Problems … 300 – the most important labels are the lower number. … Then in the Outline View mode, when I click on “label”, the outline is sorted by the labels, with the lower numbers coming up at the top, and the “no label” cards at the bottom.
This is a quick way to see, in one place, all files with the same label.
– MP

In that case, the filtering feature might be more what you want on the corkboard. Cmd-F will open the Find bar at the top of the corkboard; leave that blank and click the disclosure triangle on the left to access the filtering options. Tick the box to “Filter”, then set it to include only items with the particular label you want to look at.