Corkboard Stack Not Functioning Mac OSX Mavericks


I am unable to get the corkboard stack to function. I have been using the tutorial document and am following the directions within, in the Part 2/Section 9 Corkboard tutorial.

I have an upper pane corkboard visible containing the 5 tutorial sections, via selecting Draft in the binder. I have selected the upper pane and the blue header is there, showing it being the active pane. I click Part 1, then Command Click the remaining items. The stacks do not show, and the specialized corkboard stack footer menu does not show.

I am using OSX Mavericks, MacBook Pro 13".

Thank you so much.

I might leave this for you - I just stumbled upon the functionality - I did not realize that the stacked view would actually appear in the lower pane. I have seen the light. :mrgreen:

If it appeared in the lower pane when you expected it to appear in the top pane, check the View > Binder Affects setting (also ensure the top pane wasn’t locked in place, although the header would have been pink instead of blue then).

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Additional error on my part - I selected in the upper pane, not in the binder as the tutorial instructed.

Thanks so much for responding so quickly.


Glad you got it sorted!
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