corkboard stacking

I can’t seem to figure out how to see beyond the first level of index cards.

I follow these exact direction in the tutorial and don’t see anything but the index cards that I always see.

  1. Click into the corkboard in the top editor to make sure that it has the focus (remember, the header bar of the top editor should be blue to indicate it has the focus).
  2. Click on the “Part 1” folder in the binder.
  3. Holding down the Command key, click on “Part 2” in the binder.
  4. Holding down the Command key again, click on “Part 3” in the binder.
  5. Repeat with “Part 4” and “Part 5”.

Not the most active board in the world… :frowning:

Sorry, following those instructions works fine for me. This is what I get: is that what you were expecting?



yes, but I don’t get anything other than the top level of the corkboard. Nothing in lower levels is revealed.

In general, the corkboard only ever displays one level, since this is all that can be meaningful for manipulating the cards spatially, but you can use Documents > Open > With All Subdocuments as Flat List to show everything. With this view you can see all the levels, though you will not be able to move cards around, since there would be no way the program could discern whether you wanted to place an item as a sibling or a child.