Corkboard Texture Map Not Present in macOS Sierra

This may not be a bug - since the OS is the 4th public beta at the time of the writing - is this being worked on?

I’m not yet running that macOS version, so I can’t test, but have you tried other settings in Preferences? In particular I would try the grid options and a custom image (something small is best).

I’ll be looking at macOS Sierra as it gets closer to the release date - there’s never any point trying to fix things up during the early OS betas because there are so many Apple bugs that get fixed later. (For instance, in beta 1, Scrivener would crash every time you opened Compile; that was an Apple bug that was fixed for beta 2.) I always ensure we update and get things working for an OS release, however.

As Ioa says, though, have you checked the Preferences? Scrivener no longer shows the corkboard texture by default on a fresh install, but a light grey background. You have to explicitly choose the corkboard background via the Preferences these days.

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