Corkboard Timing

Love the feature (whole reason I d/led the prog)! Just wish it gave you more than 10-15 seconds to type before deselecting the card. A little more leeway would be nice.

Well that certainly shouldn’t be happening. It should let you edit for hours if you want. Which part of the card are you typing in when this happens, title or synopsis, or does it not matter? Also try thing, start editing a card, but keep your eyes on the save indicator (that’s the asterisk next to the name of the project in the window title bar if you aren’t familiar—when you see an asterisk that means the program has pending edits to save and is waiting for you to pause so it can save). So start typing, and then pause for about two seconds and watch for the asterisk to disappear. Did you get booted out of editing the card?

P.S. Moving this to bug hunt forum.