Corkboard: Vertical Index Cards

First post here from a newbie. I have searched for an hour for an answer with no joy.

In Corkboard view I would like to have my index cards running vertically, not horizonatlly. I read on some blog that this could be done, but for the life of me I just can’t figure it out. :open_mouth:

Can anyone help me please? Am I dumb?

Thank you!

If you select multiple containers (folders or files with other files ‘stacked’ under them), then you can have each container’s contents arrage themselves in vertical columns by using the icons in the footer bar. But if you just have one container or have selected a bunch of individual documents, then Scrivener is always going to arrange them left-to-right, not top-to-bottom.




Okay, yep, I’m doing the right thing, have selected multiple containers–but what exactly do I do in the footer? I’ve tried everything there. And failed. #brainfart

Thanks for your reply!

I’m not sure this helps, but you can view your corkboard in a single verticle card using the method shown below in my screen shot. With this method you can change the size of the cards, how many across, and the ratio of those cards to each other.

Make sure you’re CMD-selecting just the containers, and not any of their contents. Then the footer (pictured above in scmorgan’s screen shot) should gain a couple of additional icons that look like a square divided evenly into multiple rectangles.

Got it, guys. BIG thanks for both your help :smiley: