Corkboard window to remember scroll position, please

Recently, I’ve transferred my two novel projects from JNW (which seems to have been orphaned, more or less) to Scrivener and I’m gradually learning my way around this wonderful writing environment (though I do miss the margin notes… 8) ).

Going back and forth between text and corkboard, I have one small niggle. Since my corkboard cards overflow the window, I have to scroll to go to, say, card #31. If I go to the corresponding text and then decide that I want to see the card in the corkboard again, the corkboard opens in its default, top position and I have to scroll down again to get to the card in question.

It would be neat if the corkboard would remember its last scroll position.

Or did I miss a setting?

Grateful regards,


Hi Joachim,

2.0 will automatically scroll the corkboard to the cards that were selected last time it was opened, provided those cards are still inside that container.

All the best,

You think of everything, don’t you? :wink: Thank you, that’ll be great – exactly what I was looking for.