corkboard working as mindmap


I have to say I’m a huge fan of Scrivener and really happy working with it!

However I noticed their is one thing that I really miss beside citation management:

It would be great if the corkboard could work as a mindmap!

Meaning I wouldn’t have to choose between notes, synopsis or text for exporting to .mm in order to get a lager view of the project. For know, I have to turn synopsis in text, then export in .mm with text as nod notes, rearrange things that need to be, import again in scrivener and manually get back the synopsis on the index cards.
That way, I can keep everything and have an interactive outline.

But it’s tricky as it only works well if you’re beginning your project, otherwise there are too many data that can’t be transferred (metadata, labels, state, etc.) to .mm

I’d really love to be able to work with the corkboard as a mindmap because I would be able to keep every data together when changing to overview on the project and rearranging docs. Then I would turn back to type view again and restart typing.

Here is my idea :smiley: