Okay, here’s what I’ve got going. I have a corkboard which has index cards and synopses written on each card. There is no text in the editing window. Is there any way possible for me to print out what I’ve written on the index cards? When I hit compile, it prints out the titles but none of the actual synopsis written after that.

Not a problem! All you need to do is expand the compiler sheet if you haven’t done so already, by clicking the little down-arrow button next to the top drop-down. Now click on the Formatting pane. In the top table you’ll see types of meta-data you can export for each document, in columns. In rows you’ll see an icon depiction for each possible type of document that Scrivener can put into a draft. Best thing to do is just enable Synopses for all of them. Hold down the Option key and click any of the checkboxes in that column. You should see a live preview below—feel free to format that however you like by clicking into the element you wish to adjust and then using the formatting controls to adjust its appearance. You’ll probably also want to make sure titles are turned on for everything, while here, too.