Hi all. Is there any particular reasoning behind corkboards’ post-it-notes being unable to have multiple lines in them? I would really, really, REALLY like to be able to put a note with not only a label on it but also a scratchpad area in it for small jots of what to not forget under that heading. Or have I missed a serious feature?

Any replies/suggestions etc are welcome!


Preferences: Fonts & Colors: Index card theme: check Draw Lines

Inspector: click the blue “i” button.
writing in the Synopsis pane adds text to the index card
writing in the Document Notes pane: lots of room for small jots

Hold down ‘alt’ when you hit enter and it goes to a new line.

That one catches a few people :slight_smile:

As Matt says, just hold down the Opt/Alt key while pressing return. This is the same in any Cocoa control that you have to double-click to edit right across OS X in general - text fields, outline views etc.