Corkboards, folders and text files


So I’ve got my folder and there’s three text files in it. When I click on the folder, and view it as a corkboard, I see my three files pinned to my corkboard. I see the text in them; my little notes of what is going to be in that text file. But when I click on the actual text file in the folder, the text files comes up - and it is empty: no note as can be seen in the corkboard. Why is that so? Isn’t what is on the text file seen in corkboard mode also what should be in the text file I’m going to be working?

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Nope. The index card text (synopsis) is separate from the document text. Open your Inspector pane, and there should be an index card for whatever document you are in. It will show the synopsis there.

Typically, what you put in the synopsis is only for your eyes; it can be a brief note about what you’ve written in the attached document–a one sentence summary what what happens in a novel chapter, for instance. What you write in the main editor window is what will end up in the document produced when your “Compile” all of your documents into one word processing file (or ebook, or html page, or…)

Edit: If you haven’t already, I suggest viewing this video to get an overview of Scrivener
Or you could start working through the Interactive Tutorial project, located under Help, or whenever you are presented with the list of project templates, like when you first started Scrivener, or when you choose File->New Project with another project open.


Thank you so much for your reply. Now that makes sense. I just couldn’t fathom why I wasn’t able to see corkboard notes in the text screen - but thanks to your explanation, it’s clear.

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