Corkcoard cards - is it possible?

Hi :slight_smile:
I am beginner in Scrivener, so please be patient… :slight_smile:

I created sub-chapters. I would like to add to each one some notes. But when I write any on corcboard - it creates new “sub-sub-chapters” in my bin. Every card=new subchapters.
Is it possible to have notes on corcboard without expansion of Chapters structure in Bin?
Please, if anybody help me i will be glad

Not really, because the Corkboard is just another way of viewing the outline, so adding things to a corkboard directly impacts the outline. There is no mode where it does not do precisely that. There is a mode where you can shuffle cards around in a way which doesn’t impact the outline order; that is the freeform mode, but even there if you add a card to it, it will show up in the outline. This doesn’t mean that you can’t scatter notes into your manuscript, though. That is what the little “Include in Compile” checkbox is for, in the Inspector. Turn that off, and the piece won’t be considered a part of the book. You could then take it further and use a custom icon for your notes as well, but that would just be for your convenience. Of course, the other area where you can jot down notes on a corkboard without impacting anything in the manuscript is anywhere outside of the Draft. You needn’t just keep notes in the Research folder. You can create other folders and store your notes there too. Either way of working is just as valid.

Thank You! Very helpful!