Correct Spelling Automatically unticks itself

I’m having difficulty with the Correct Spelling Automatically possibility when working on documents. I tick it and then find a while later that my spelling isn’t being corrected and have to tick it again. What’s happening? Can I not set it as a default?

Hi Mike,

This isn’t supported in Scrivener 1.x - I’m assume you’re accessing it through the ctrl-click menu, which is provided by the OS. This will be properly supported in 2.0.

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Thanks Keith.

Just an afterthought. Does this mean that the same thing in, for example, Grammarian Pro X (not sure what they call it) will also not be supported until 2.0?

Hi, I’m not quite sure I follow you?

Sorry Keith, if Grammarian has a similar facility to correct spelling automatically, will it also not be supported by Scrivener until 2.0.

Ah, right, I see. No, that’s different because Grammarian is a third-party program that adds such functionality to programs. I don’t know much about it as I’ve never used it, but it’s entirely separate. The “correct spelling” that appears in the ctrl-click menu is something that Apple added to the underlying text system that Scrivener is built on, so Scrivener needs to be upgraded to take full advantage of it. It already works, it is just that Scrivener hasn’t yet got a proper interface for turning it on and off and remembering whether or not the user has it turned on. It appeared in the ctrl-click menu because Apple put it there in the text system, but Scrivener itself doesn’t know about it yet so has no way of remembering the setting. Because Grammarian is entirely separate, that will be responsible for remembering its own settings and so upgrades to Scrivener have no effect on its function.

Hope that makes sense!

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Thanks Keith. That’s very helpful.

It’s a while since I trialled Grammarian and Spell Catcher, but if I remember rightly, they both did automatic correction in Scrivener.


Thanks Hugh. I’m going to try out Grammarian.