Correction needed in manual ...

Hi, I wasn’t sure where to post this - it’s not a feature request, and not a bug, it’s really just a heads up. I noticed that Appendix D (Placeholder Tags) in the manual that opens from the Scrivener Help menu is outdated. Several placeholder tags that work are not listed there. E.g., <$pagecount>, <$compilegroup>, <$shortdate> and <$longtime> are all missing. I haven’t gone through the entire list that’s shown here: … -tags-list

but there may be others. Some of these I’ve looked for, for a long time, but assumed they weren’t available because they weren’t in the manual. It wasn’t until I stumbled on the link above that I discovered them. It would be great to have them in the manual.

Also, the manual that’s linked here:

is for version 1.5, not 1.9.7.

Thanks, I’ve added these notes to the checklist and have updated the site copies.