Correlating note cards to text in editor

I am still new to Scrivener and putting myself through the paces of all that it has to offer. However, I am hitting a wall with keeping the note cards and the text in the editor section in sync with each other. I have found this to be an issue while creating my Character files and chapters in the Manuscript for example. As I move notecards, add, and /or delete cards on the Corkboard, I am losing the correlation with the text in the editor that each card had held. For example, when working with my Character files I had hoped that when I clicked on the notecard for a particular character and then opened the editor I had hoped that what I would see is the section on that character. This was the case until I started to move the note cards around on the corkboard. Any changes I made on the corkboard are not reflected in the editor. Does anyone have a resource where I can learn just this aspect of the program? I’ve looked through the tutorial and videos on Youtube but can’t find anything that addresses this issue.

Second question. Still looking at the Character files…if I create a notecard then a section is created in the editor. This is section is marked with a dotted line. If I delete the card from the corkboard the section is still in the editor. How can I delete those sections?

I apologize if my questions are completely clear. As I said I am new, and the functions, vocabulary, and the relationship between all the working parts are still a little foreign. Thank you for your help!

Have you done the interactive, built-in tutorial found under Help? If not, do it! It will explain most of what you need to know.

The cards in the corkboard are just another way of looking at the documents in the binder. You have icons above that part of the window showing Editor, Corkboard, Outline, and they show you the same content in the Binder in three different modes. So moving the cards on the corkboard is the same thing as moving the documents in the binder.

As lunk said, looking at the Tutorial would be a good idea.

However, it sounds like you might have accidentally enabled the Lock in Place function, which is intended specifically to keep the Editor from changing in response to changes elsewhere in the project. (For instance if you want to keep the original structure visible while you experiment with changes.)