Corrupt formatting on ebooks

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to upload my ePub to Smashwords’ Premium Catalog, but I got the following message from them:

“Your book contains some possibly corrupt formatting. If you take a look at your EPUB you will see slight font size differentiations in your body text. This is caused by a mix of inconsistent on-screen formatting. One option is to do a CTRL-A and change everything to Normal style, then modify the style to enforce any individual characteristics you want.”

I assume that these instructions apply to MS Word. My book has a lot of pages (2800 approx) and there some pages that look fine in Scrivener, but the ePub page text is a little bigger. I can’t pinpoint the cause. This happens no matter what I do in the Scrivener editor. I’ve set default fonts already, and I have highlighted my entire manuscript and tried to change the font via the toolbar, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance for your help.

One easy way to clean up formatting is to use the Formatting compile option pane to override the text and note style, and then set up the font settings right in that pane. Each of the different icon types can have their own formatting, so make sure to reproduce your font settings in each of the relevant types. When you compile, this will convert all of the book text to the same font and paragraph settings without adjusting the original text in your editor. It’s good for most people, but if your book contains a lot of local formatting like block quotes, you may need to tune how much override formatting does, with the “Options” button at the top of that pane.

But on the other hand, that should have done it too, so it might be that there is some other issue. If you can’t get it fixed, please send us a copy of your project to the support e-mail address, or the ePub file if you cannot send the project for one reason or another.

Thanks, Amber. I did not realize that each document type had its own setting. I realized that I had my font set at 12.0 pt but my size at 13 for some of the document types, which were exactly the ones that were causing issues. I’ll try resubmitting to Smashwords again and post back if I have any additional issues.

As a side note, though, that feature is pretty subtle. It seems like it should be the other way around—document types should all have uniform formatting by default, with the option for certain writers to select unique formatting for document types if needed. Just my two pennies. :slight_smile: But thanks so much for your help!