Corrupt text display after moving

Often when I highlight a chunk of text and then move it with the mouse, I get this odd overlap effect.

It doesn’t go if I copy the page, or if I show a different document and then return to the page.

If I use ctrl+Z to undo, it’s still there. But if I do ctrl+Z enough times (16 on this occasion), going well back past the point where the error appeared, then the display gets corrected, and I can return to the point where I was editing by doing ctrl+Y (15 times) to redo. The corruption reappears if I do ctrl+Y one more time, though.
463.rtf.txt (1.28 KB)

There’s something going haywire with the linespacing. I’ve seen one other report of this, from a user copying and pasting between Scrivener documents, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it. Do you have a reliable way (or semi-reliable way) of triggering the bug? I have a report filed for this but it would be a big help to be able to see it in action.