Corrupted file? / Scrivener crashing....

Hi There,

I’m running the Scrivener 3.1.2 on a Macbook Air with OS Mojave. I hadn’t had any problems whatsoever with the software until this afternoon, when I pasted the text of an email thread into a sub document, and started to see the pinwheel of death. At first, it was simply very slow, pausing after each new character I typed. Now, however, I can’t get the project to open at all. Scrivener simply does nothing until it eventually crashes.

Per instructions on the Lit & latte forums, I zipped the project file at this link so you all can hopefully tell me what’s wrong with it:

For some reason, the backup function hasn’t been working for me lately either because of something about the folder structure, so at the very least, I’m hoping to be able to extract the relevant files
Please advise.

Ok…I’m not sure why, but on the umpteenth try, after about 10 minutes, scrivener finally allowed me to open the project, so I exported the whole thing to have a backup, and then deleted the offending sub-file.

As best as I can tell, pasting a lot of text directly from an email browser leads the software to treat it as a super-long table, and format it that way, and it kep getting overwhelmed.

I then opened up the same file in MS word, stripped out the formatting, and imported it into a new copy of the project, and voila…problem solved.

So…that will be the last time I paste emails directly into Scrivener. I wish there were a relaible workaround that would allow me to do what I set out to do first though, which is paste a bunch of email text into a project so I could use it in my writing…

Edit the note in your mail client, which you can do by replying to the message. That will make the table boundaries visible, allowing you to delete them, copy text from individual cells, and so on.