Corrupted File

My computer locked up while I was working on a new scene. When I went back in, Scrivener no longer recognized the file. I sort of got it back, the results of what I did were rather odd, so noted here.

I tried at first to past the single project file in and see it would open. That didn’t. I still got the same error message.

Then I noticed the doc folders, so I copied all the files (I really didn’t want to repeat any work). Then I move the most recent complete file into backups and replaced it with the backup. Then I copied all the files from the doc folders in the recent files into the older backup.

This was where it got strange. I started out with three text files that I decided to move to research this morning (a parking spot so I can refer to them, because there was a problem with those scenes writing-wise). I created a new file to replace it. All those were gone from the corrupted version, along with Chapter 2’s folder I’d created.

This is where the strange stuff happened.

So I created a Chapter 2 folder and then started a new text file. The text from my first missing scene appeared in the new text file. So I moved it into the parking spot. Then I created a new text file under Chapter 2, and the text from the second missing scene also appeared in there. Moved that to the parking spot. Then I created a third text file, and with that one, the title I’d typed in appeared, but nothing else. Not sure why that happened but worth noting.