Corrupted Save File

Hello, I was hoping to find an answer on my own, but I couldn’t.
I’m using the trial version of Scrivener. My files are saved directly onto my Dropbox.
Last night, I saved and closed Scrivener, same as usual. But when I opened it today, I realized that all my progress from yesterday had disappeared.
I saved again without touching anything, compared the backup files (still on Dropbox): the one I had just saved was smaller than when I last saved the night before (proving my progress was gone even thought it had been saved)
However, I tried to retrieve last night’s back up files, but I couldn’t. Double click, Windows says the file is invalid. Try to extract it, it says the file is empty (even though judging by the size, it’s clearly not, it should have all my progress in it)
So I’m kinda blocked. I would hate to rewrite everything, so I’m hoping there is a solution to this.

Thank you in advance.

You never save “directly to Dropbox”. You save on your HD and the Dropbox app uploads and downloads between your PC and the Dropbox server.

Have you set it up so that Scrivener saves your backups to the same place where you have your live project?

Scrivener saves the open, active project by default every time you pause from writing a few seconds so manual saves aren’t needed. It by default saves a backup when you close the project, but it only keeps the last five backups, so if you open and close a corrupted project it will make a backup of the corrupt project and throw away the oldest backup.

Copy your backups to somewhere else, where Scrivener can’t touch them, and not in your Dropbox folder in case something is amiss with your Dropbox account.

Have hou done the interactive tutorial? If not, do it.

Everything is saved in my Dropbox file, the main project as well as the backups (the .bak files, right?)
In that case I don’t understand why my project would just “go corrupt” for one night. As I said, the backup created last night when I closed the app is the one that doesn’t work, even thought it’s there, but the one from the day before and today open normally.

I copied the backups on my HD, should I delete them from Dropbox as well ?
I’m pretty sure I did the interactive tutorial, but it was a while back. Scrivener has been on my computer for months but I’ve just recently got into it because I wanted to start a new project (the one I’m working on) should I do it again ?

Incomplete syncing with the Dropbox server can cause problems.

Having backups and projects in the same foldef can cause problems.

Not having an active backup system can cause problems.

Too fast shutdown of the PC can cause problems.

Patience, is the word. Wait at least 10 seconds from last thing you do before putting the PC to sleep.

What do you mean by “not having an active backup system” ?

Edit: Okay, so something very weird happened lol. Turns out my progress had vanished but it wasn’t gone… I was ready to rewrite all of it, so I created a new document on scrivener, and surprise, there it was. I create another one, and more of my progress appears.
Well, that was scary. I’ll definetely be more careful next time :open_mouth:

A backup system is an automatic system that takes copies of the files on your PC and puts them somewhere safe, not on your PC. So if your PC blowss up, you have copies of all your important stuff somewhere else.
Om Macs we have a built-in system, called Time Machine.

Are you using OneDrive or another system that “helpfully” optimizes your disk by moving unused files to the cloud?

If so, disable that feature. If the contents of a document are not stored on the local hard disk, Scrivener may not be able to access them and they will appear to be “missing.” Leading to exactly the symptoms you describe.