Corrupted Scrivener file?

I think some of mu Scrivener files are corrupted. Here is the issues with Scrivener file 1:

Some of the documents are blank when there is actually text there ( the text isn’t white ). Te text cannot be seen unless the text is copied and pasted somewhere else. Which it then becomes visible. Scrivener however does realize the text is there.

Scrivener file 2:

Text will align to the right despite being set to align to the left. I have copied and pasted the text into a text cleaner to remove all the formatting. Then I pasted the text back into a new text file in Scrivener, same project file, the issue came back when I pasted it.

What’s going on?

Okay on the first project I would try is resetting the UI preferences for the project. You can easily do this by holding down the Option key on the main File menu and selecting “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings”. Reload the project and see if the issue persists.

With the second project, could you clarify what steps you are taking, and when things change? You say the issue “came back”, does that mean it was gone for a while—and if so, what happened during that period of time?

The first project was fixed by doing what you said. Thanks

The issue didn’t come back after a certain amount of time, i came back when i pasted the fixed text back into the Scrivener file.

Sorry about the late reply. My mac is now starting to have RAM problems.

The problem on the the first Scrivener file came back. However, it only comes back when I turn on Wrap.

All right, what are all of the settings I need to adjust in order to see the problem with Page View? It might be easiest just to send us your application preferences and a sample project that demonstrates both of these problems. You can send the former by exporting a file with the “Manage” button in the preferences window. The project should be closed and zipped before attachment.

In the meanwhile, also make sure you are using the latest version of Scrivener. Use the “Check for Updates…” menu command in the main Scrivener menu.

As for the other problem, you probably just had right-alignment formatting in the text document you were pasting into. If you strip the text to plain-text, then it will just pick up whatever formatting is already there.