Corrupted title charset after synchronization

How to reproduce:

Create text file in scrivener
Give the text a title with accent like - Systém
Synchronize with external folder

Now edit this file in external editor and save.
Synchronize scrivener with external folder
(Title looks as before)

Export through multimarkdown to latex (or pdf).
Instead of Systém i have in latex/pdf file Syste’m. Accent is sepparated.

I have to manually type title again in Scrivener, than latex export is OK.

I can’t reproduce this, I’m afraid. I wonder if it is caused by the program in which you edit the file externally?

I used:
iA Writer

with the same result - accent characters in the Title (name of the file) got corrupted after compile

What font are you using? Not all fonts have all the glyphs in; though I must admit that é would seem an odd one to be missing. I wonder if one of the font files you’re using has got corrupted somehow.

Actually, thinking of it more constructively, maybe the problem is with the font that you are using in your external editor — is it the same one as you use in Scrivener? — that that is the one that has got corrupted.

Just random thoughts; I’ll leave it to those who know more, but I’d be looking at the fonts involved on your machine.