Corrupted Vista Taskbar on exit

I’ve noticed that Scrivener corrupts my Viasa taskbar on exit.

I think F11 - full page mode - over-writes the taskbar and forgets to refresh or repaint it on exit.

Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot, just so I’m clear what you’re seeing with the taskbar? Is it gone entirely or just glitchy in appearance with lines or pixels or the like? Also, you mention full screen possibly being the trigger–could you watch out for that over the next few days while you’re working to see if that really is what’s causing it? That would help enormously for Lee tracking this down, as it’s not something I’ve seen reported before. If it is full screen, presumably you’d see it as soon as you exited full screen mode, even while the project is still open. Details then on how you have your FS set up–e.g. do you fade you background at all so you can see through to the desktop?–would be great.

Here are two screenshots, MM.

I’d say that the taskbar is “patchy”. It’s definitely caused when selecting FS and the effect is no different when the background is faded or not. Yes, I see it as soon as exiting FS. Even the Scriviner screen is corrupted (repeated copies of “Word Count”). The corruption of the taskbar looks roughly in line with the three columns of the FS window (black, paper, black).

hope this helps…

Thanks, I’ve passed this on for Lee to see if he’s got any ideas on what’s causing it.

Problem persists, but here’s a workaround.

From the Windows desktop (after Scrivener has been closed):

Shift-Control-Escape - brings up the task manager, then…
Alt-F4 repaints the screen.