CosmicJive sound track recommendations

Every time I see a post by our new overlord I keep asking myself

The list is varied and often based on ridicule and scorn. Not for CosmicJive in particular, but simply because I’m like that (I blame Ioa and Amber-gate).

Here is what I have so far:

  1. The entire Barbra Streisand library.
  2. The Beatle as well.
  3. Cream
  4. The Guess Who
  5. Perl Jam

Who would like to offer additions to the list?

FEAR - The Record
MISFITS - Walk Among Us
VIOLENT FEMMES - Violent Femmes
OTIS TAYLOR - (Everything)
BEASTIE BOYS - License To Ill
AGENT ORANGE - This Is The Voice
AC/DC - Back In Black
BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid & Masters Of Reality
SCHOOL OF FISH - School of Fish
RISE AGAINST - Revolutions Per Minute
STRUNG OUT - Blackhawks Over Los Angeles
NOFX - WHite Trash, Two Heeb, And A Bean
7 SECONDS - Walk Together & The Crew
THE OFFSPRING - Splinter & Ignition
TSUNAMI BOMB - The Ultimate Escape & The Definitive Act
PENNYWISE - Straight Ahead


[/size]Typical Wock, but…very…er…tuneful? :cry: