cost of updating to 3.0


I am just checking out this wonderful software scrivener for my dissertation and have watched all the video tutorials. I am just wondering,should I pay for updating to 3.0 in the furture, if I buy it directly from your website? or better buy it from app store.



Well, unless Apple changes their policy on whether existing owners of software should be eligible for a discount on updated versions of that same software, you’ll be best off with the direct-sale version. There is no facility for providing upgrade pricing on the Mac App Store, and no hints that there ever will be. So while we can offer 3.x at a substantial discount (probably around what the last was, 45% discount or so), anyone on the Mac App Store wishing to upgrade to 3.0 will need to pay the full retail price of the software at that time.

But it’s really not possible to predict the true answer to your question at this point. 3.0 is still a nebulous concept, and it will probably be a long time before it materialises. Who knows what the Mac App Store will look like in years time—it might not even exist at all?

If Apple still doesn’t offer any update paths by the time 3.0 comes around we will most likely offer a time-limited discount to buy 3.0 so that our MAS users can get 3.0 at a discounted price if they get there in time, but as Ioa says, other than that, the only way to guarantee you get a discounted price is to buy the direct-sale version. As a software company selling a single product, we cannot afford to give away free updates for life, unfortunately, no matter where users buy from.