Cost per min, sitting in coffee shops, Hemingway-ing … inute-cafe

Lets see how long before the other chains of coffee shops follow suit!! :imp:
Watch where you sit, folks

Methinks, Floss old thing, you have made a tactical error, the consequences of which may impoverish all of us… that, or cast us sullen and forlorn into the swamps of third-rate litterateur fora.

(Migod! Did I say “tactical?” I meant, of course, “strategic.” Or perhaps it ought to be “cosmic.”)

Consider please, Floss, the implications of such a business model on something like, oh, I don’t know, maybe, you could say, something like Literature and Latte. What might those tight-fisted money-grubbing, hard-nosed (some help here, please, I’m running out of hyphenated insults and the clock is ticking) ne’er-do-wells who run this place do with such a business model?


Ever think of that?

Well, just don’t blame me when you start getting a bills from KB, charges — not a per-minute basis, but on, say, a word-count basis. (I’m hoping, actually, for a character-count basis — one which does not count hyphens.) (Or parens.)


Does this mean you could go in with your own flask in your bag, pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down for 5 minutes, pour the coffee into your flask and walk out … a coffee for 15 pence. Perhaps they should set a minumum amount of time you pay for … 90 minutes would be more or less the equivalent of a small — or whatever idiot name they give it — americano at Starbucks or Costa, and then you start paying 3p a minute if you stay longer.

There were many coffee shops near the university in Xiamen, including one opened by a friend, which closed within a year because students would come in the morning, occupy a table all day on the basis of a coffee or a bottle of water — they’d leave their books occupying the table while they went off to lectures and to meals in the student canteen. Ana and the others would have done well to think of using a scheme like this; on the other hand, they might have ended up with no customers at all. Difficult.

Mr X

Young Master Philip… please get your cats right! :open_mouth:
Thank you :imp:

£1.80 an hour surely that is cheaper then Starbucks coffee:)

you mean i,ve been woken up for nothing :imp:

here,s 5p. i,m taking my coffee to go.

Cher Fluss & Floff:

You will be please to learn that

has been moved up on my to-do list. It now rests — comfortably, I may say — well above “Memorize Paradise Lost” and only a wee bit below “Volunteer up for volcano expedition.”


Phil, mate, ‘Paradise’ may not be the only thing you lose, if you take the piss out of these two bitching mouse hounds!
Hope this helps :frowning:

Possibly cat…aclysmic?

Note the dog…ged purrrrsuit of wordplay.


Mind-blowing… Truly mind-blowing

mind numbing, more like. :unamused:

I was referring to the beast 's handling of the language. Clever enough, I thought.