Could Corkboard have a memory?

I spend most of my time in cork board. Fiddling around with ideas and rearranging things.
Now often I’ll do something outside of Corkboard, check a reference in a document or find facts I need, and when I get back in to corkboard it’s forgotten where I was and place itself at the top of the board again. Scroll, scroll, scroll…
Annoying if you have a lot of index cards and you have to keep scrolling down to the same place.
Yes I could use Toggle Split as a work around but it wouldn’t be ideal.
Same thing with “commit order”. When hitting “Enter” it places itself at the top of the board. Scroll, scroll, scroll…

Is there a way for Corkboard to just remember where it is and return to that place instead of always defaulting to the top?

Much love

Have you tried using the history buttons to get around? I find this to be more convenient (you can just press Cmd-[ like in a browser), and when you do so the scroll position will be remembered. Scrivener does continue to remember which cards were selected, per corkboard, but it won’t scroll to them if you just click on the folder in the Binder.

Is Windows supposed to remember the corkboard scroll position when using history buttons?

Asking because it currently doesn’t, and I don’t know if this is a bug or a pending feature!

Thanks as always for your feedback and for this awesome writing platform.

Pending feature! :slight_smile: