"Could not create file: title.bk1.zip"


I’ve run into a bit of an issue, wherein I am being told the program cannot create the backup files. The problem seems to be that my original Scrivener was installed on a portable harddrive for ease of shifting between locations. However, that has decided to die and so I had to re-install it on my desktop.

I get this message when I close or open a project:

Could not create file: Title.bak1.zip

Could not create a file at E:Scrive Documents/Project Name/Title.bak1.zip


(No, not okay haha) Then I get a Project Backup popup box, which says “Creating Backup” and stalls at 50%

I tried looking around, but I can’t find anywhere where I can change the paths that Scrivener is looking for, since they are no longer relevant. My projects were kept in a Dropbox folder, and the portable that was plugged into the E drive is, as I said, now deceased (praised be for Dropbox!)

Is anyone able to assist? Searches were drawing up empty.

Go to Tools->Options->Backup and change your back up location there.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: