'Could not create file'

This relates to the earlier version of Windows Scrivener. It’s my own stupid fault because I renamed some Scrivener files in my directory without thinking that of course it would screw up saving and backup. I tried to fix it by creating new backup files but each time I get ‘could not create file’. So I haven’t dared to make any further edits. I have exported the whole project to make sure it’s not lost but I really need to fix it before I install the new Scrivener Windows version, or everything could go horribly wrong. It’s a book I’ve been writing for four years :frowning:

I looked it up and found that all the other similar posts were related to Dropbox, but I’m saving in my laptop folder which auto-backs up to OneDrive. Could that be the issue?

Also, I was on Win 10 when it happened. I’m now on Win 11 but there’s been no change to the Scrivener situation.

Can anyone advise please? I know it’s my own fault. Thanks.

To start the debugging process:

  1. Specifically, what folder holds your Scrivener projects?
  2. Specifically, what folder holds your backups?

C:\Users\suesu\OneDrive-- 2021 Scriv THE FAULT IN REALITY\2021 THE FAULT IN REALITY.scriv

C:\Users\suesu\OneDrive-- 2021 Scriv THE FAULT IN REALITY\Backups

Thanks for any ideas you may have.

As you’ve updated to Win 11, check that Scrivener is whitelisted in your anti-virus set up. That seems often to be the problem.



I’m a little confused. Probably easier to figure out hands-on, but I’ll give my questions here. I’m out of ideas and will defer to the experts.

I’m not sure how creating a backup will fix anything, but in any event what was the target folder where you attempted to create a backup? Do you have write permissions at that location? Using Scrivener’s backup menu?

This looks like the project and the backups are in the same folder? If true this probably does mess things up.

Did the export go ok without error? What is the exact error message you see when you attempt to open the exported project? Where did you export to? The same One Drive folder?

By this you renamed folders down in the folder structure of the project? Yes, bad move.

Were you using Scrivener to make this backup, or some backup program. From OneDrive to OneDrive?

I’m not sure that true. But … best to be prudent.

Thanks so much for these thoughts. I’ve run out of time for today now but will get back to it tomorrow. Much appreciated.

Hi rms, sorry for the delay in replying. It’s very kind of you to help me think it through. Here are my answers to your questions, inserted as we go along:

yes. thanks for your help. I’m going to turn off the autobackup on closure and see what happens then

Thanks rms and Mark, I’ve fixed it! Going through rms’s careful notes made me check the backup folder I had set for closing, and I found that it was wrong. No idea how that happened but I changed it to the one that I was using to save autobackups, and it worked. Thanks so much for helping me.
best wishes