Could not open a project

Hopefully it’s nothing, but the project, started on the Mac did not open this morning on the netie. They reside on dropbox, and yesterday I had no issue. It is also synced to simple note, most of the time.

Will try again. But it simple did not want to open this morning.


Take a peek inside the project’s .scriv folder and see if there are any files with “conflicted” in the name. Dropbox will create that copy if there’s a problem during the sync, and these will cause the projet not to open on Windows. If you find any you can open them and their un-conflicted versions in an external editor to see which contains the data you want or merge the data as necessary, then clean up the project so there’s no conflicted copies and it should open just fine. (For rtf files, you could also just remove the conflicted versions to somewhere outside the folder and then import them back into the project to make the comparison there if that’s easier.)

The file opens on the mac just dandy.

I did notice that file. Will simply remove it.