Could not open tutorial[ADDRESSED]

Tried to open up the tutorial from the help menu and got this message.

Scivener could not open an existing tutorial project or create a new tutorial project

What was I doing?:

1.Had opened a scriv file originally from Mac version.
2.Decided I should go through the tutorial
3. Clicked Help/Tutorial without closing open files
4. Got two dictionary warnings (“No word list for language es_ES”)
5. Clicked on continue when tutrial info window popped up
6. Got above warning re tutorial project
7. Scivener froze and pings if I try to click on it

Windows 7 via VMWare fusion 3 in single window mode, snow Leopard 10.6.4, Macbook Pro 15 2010

Eventully managed to view tutorial. Don’t think I changed anything, except the beta version, so maybe that’s what was wrong.