"Could not save Binder. Error: Could not open binder file."

Scrivener for Windows.

Every few minutes, I’m getting a pop-up that says “Could not save Binder. Erro: Could not open binder file. Location <path to my *.scriv file.”

I’m warned to make sure I have enough space and write access on my storage device, which I do.

What’s causing this?


  • Anti-virus denying access maybe. Try whitelisting Scrinever in its (your av’s) exceptions/exclusions list.

  • Cloud ? Files accessible offline?

  • Is your drive set to auto compress your files to save space ? (Better not, I think.)

  • If your files are on an external drive, you might be suffering from usb interrupts.

  • Perhaps File / Save and Rebuild Search Indexes could fix this… (None of the above, but your issue, should it be something else.) ← This one is a guess, more than anything else.

Thanks for your thoughts, but none of the is applicable. Any other thoughts?

Incidentally, it’s a new problem. But I haven’t made any changes to my machine.


Perhaps your problem is due to something similar. (?)

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The file could be locked, e.g. by the backup process in the post @Vincent_Vincent referred to; but it could also be some other process.

One way to check (assuming the locking process doesn’t automatically restart!) is to restart the machine.

There are also utilities, such as RegRun, that can list open files; this would allow you to determine whether or not a locked file was the cause.

Another option is to download and install Microsoft’s PowerToys, then use its File Locksmith tool to see which process has the file locked.


Thanks for all the suggestions.

What I tried is this: I uninstalled and reinstalled Scrivener. Since doing that, I haven’t experienced the problem again. Fingers crossed on this.